Grouping qubit chains in response


I'm building a QUBO problem in which some edges have strong negative coupler to imitate a chain, like this example 

In example link is easy to check values of chain variables because problem size is small, but in my case the size is big. When I get the response (sample) from D-Wave I'd like to group the sample variable in (previous) chains so that they represent a single variable. Is there a way?

Thank u.



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  • Hello Adel,

    Great question! The example you linked is a low-level explanation of how chains work. Embedding is essentially the process of finding chains on a target graph that have the same connectivity as your source or problem graph. For large problem sizes, you can use D-Wave's Embedding Tools to do generate these mappings and interpret your results efficiently. 

    If you're less interested in the process of embedding and want that process to be handled automatically, the Embedding Composite will take care of that for you.

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