Why isn't anybody asking the d-wave what the cure for the coronavirus is

I'm just curious why if the d-wave is so smart and advanced why it doesn't know the cure to the coronavirus by asking it


  • Maybe it CAN help find a cure if smart people put the right questions to it.

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  • What do you know about the coronavirus?

    What do you what to know about the coronavirus?

    Knowing that you know what about viruses, what do you know about viruses? 

    What do you understand can be considered a cure? 

    What do you know about how the coronavirus affects an individual? 

    What do you know about how the coronavirus affects different people? 

    What do  you know about epidemiology as opposed to predictive analytics with a historical perspective on the amount of "false" data that was generated without regard to the relevant data considering the tech perspective seemed to be using engineering data about automated automobile test. 

    What do you know about Data Science? 

    What do you know about Data Engineering?

    What do you know about Data Analytics? 


    What do you know about what you are looking for as a level of cure? 

    1. Immune pattern mapping by the individual's immune system

    There are questions that one has to consider about the origin, the critter's biology, the exposure level and on and on so it has to be narrowed down to be workable. 

    What do you know is a better question rather than what do not know! 


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