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I have some queries with regards to the following press release:


It stated that Advantage will have >5000 qubits and solve problems of up to 1 million variables.


For these 1 million variables, what type of variable is it? Binary, interger?


Based on my understanding of 2000Q, 1 qubit will represent 1 binary variable. For Advantage to solve 1 million variables using 5000 qubits, does that mean the problem will have to be decomposed into subproblems of <5000 variables and solution stitiched back together?


Thank you in advance!



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  • Hi Jeremy,

    The Advantage QPU can accept binary variables (0/1 for QUBO models and +1/-1 for Ising model formulations). There are tricks and techniques for encoding discrete variables, however that requires using extra qubits so it reduces the size of the problem that can be embedded onto the chip. 

    You are absolutely right, embedded problems that are larger than the number of qubits on the chip need to be decomposed into subproblems and then stitched back together. The 1 million variables in the press release refers to our latest iteration of the binary quadratic model hybrid solver (in Leap this shows up as hybrid_binary_quadratic_model_version2). 

    We will be releasing a new hybrid solver soon that works with discrete variables, rather than binary. Stay tuned for more information on that!

    Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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