Discrepancy between Chimera Graphs


Using a the graph provided by this function:

dnx.chimera_graph(int, int)

I have noticed that it's quite different from the one reported here https://docs.dwavesys.com/docs/latest/c_gs_4.html.

So, I was questioning myself: which is the correct one?


Thanks to everyone.



  • Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your question. There seems to be some confusion, which our team would be happy to clarify.

    The chimera_graph(m,n) function in the dwave_networkx package is used to generate a chimera lattice of m number of rows and n number of columns (https://docs.ocean.dwavesys.com/projects/dwave-networkx/en/latest/reference/generated/dwave_networkx.chimera_graph.html) with each block being a chimera unit cell.


    The following is a code example that shows how to plot a single unit cell in a chimera lattice:

    The graph plotted above represents a singular chimera unit cell with the nodes representing qubits and the edges representing couplers. Each of the 4 horizontal qubits connects to each of the 4 vertical qubits via internal couplers, forming a K4,4 graph (as seen in the picture above).


    The chimera topology in the D-Wave DW2000Q QPU chip supports a 16x16 chimera lattice(referred by C16 notation) which consists of 16 rows * 16 columns  of those unit cells of 8 qubits and this is what you would see in the documentation present here (https://docs.dwavesys.com/docs/latest/c_gs_4.html).

    (The pictures above shows how the Chimera unit cells can be represented in column or crossed representation, with the latter being the same as the one produced by the chimera_graph(m,n) function)

    On the fabricated chip, unit cells are laid out as below, with each chimera unit cell connected by external couplers (represented by connected blue circles, which connect adjacent unit cells):

    (The picture above shows three 8 qubit unit cells, connected horizontally via external couplers)

    Additional Resources: https://support.dwavesys.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003695354-What-is-the-Chimera-Topology-

    I hope this clarifies your question. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to reach out again on our community thread.





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  • Thank you a lot, now it's much clearer.

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