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Dear Community,

Sorry for such a naive start. I am a complete neophyte in quantum computing but i feel the potential. Would you advise me an effective learning tool to start understanding how to develop in quantum computing ?

I suppose you need a quantum computer first. I suppose also it is not easy to find. Would you recommend any online resources which could answer these basic questions ?

Many thanks



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  • Hi Border L,


    Let's address your second question first.

    On Leap signup, you get a minute of direct QPU(Quantum Processing Unit) access time which is enough to run between 400 & 4000 problems. Alternatively, you can utilize 20 minutes of free access to Leap's quantum-classical Hybrid solvers, which exploits the complementary strengths of both best-in-class classical algorithms and quantum resources. Apart from this, you also get an access to demos, various code examples, online learning Jupiter Notebooks, Help center, Community Posts and various other D-Wave Resources; all being accessible from your Leap Dashboard.      


    Now coming back to your first questions.

    Once you signup for Leap, head to the D-Wave System Documentation to learn more about Quantum Computing concepts like Quantum Annealing (which the QC model D-Wave uses), Qubits & Couplers (basic building blocks), BQM (Binary Quadratic Models), QPU Architecture Topology (Chimera and Pegasus), QUBO and Ising Notations (used in problem formulations), Minor-embedding (mapping problem graph onto a target graph) concept, problem submission (either via Ocean SDK locally or via cloud integrated Leap IDE) and much more.

    To get you started, here is a link to a FAQ article which contains all the helpful resources you can use:

    Also, I would highly recommend you to watch the D-Wave Quantum Computing Tutorials which is a 3 part quantum programming tutorial series to get you familiar with all the concepts mentioned above.


    I hope this provides you with the help you were looking for. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to reach out on the community thread.


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