Embedding fully connected problem

What is the largest, fully connected problem that can be embedded on the Advantage System?  Where is this documented?



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  • Hi Richard, 

    You can use the DWaveCliquesSampler's largest_clique_size property (mentioned here) to get the largest clique that can be embedded with even length chains on a given QPU solver.

    Here's a code example:

    from dwave.system import DWaveCliqueSampler
    clique_sampler = DWaveCliqueSampler(solver=dict(topology__type='pegasus'))

    Please note, using the minorminer package, given long enough you might be able to embed larger fully connected problems than the number you receive by the above code example but the chain lengths will be non-uniform.

    Here are some additional helpful resources: 

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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