bitcoin mining

hi, can this thing be used for bitcoin mining? and where to start? 

There are about 2.4M bitcoins left to mine. The price atm is $50k. Considering it's not a utility stock, but a highly volatile market, that mostly sits on algorithm tradebots, and that this kind of event (finding of all the needles in the haystack) would probably crash the markets completely, let's consider a price/100 of $500. That's still about $1.2B




  • If the problem can be formulated as an energy-minimization problem, where the answer corresponds with the lowest energy state, then quantum annealing can be used.


    Here are the basics to get started 

    About Quantum Annealing

    What Is a QUBO?

    Learn Quantum Computing

    Getting Started

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  • the quantum problem itself is trivial - calculate until you reach a nonce, that creates hash starting with "0000.."

    const int quantumLimit = {1800 billion billion}

    Tuple<int,string> TryMiningBitcoin ( ) {

    string inputDataString = httpGetCurrentBitcoinTransactionInLine();
    string randomHash;

    for (int nonce = 0; nonce < quantumLimit; nonce ++ ){     

    // generating hash with next nonce
    randomHash = sha256( newBtcTransactionData + nonce.ToString() );

    if ( randomHash.startsWith("0000..") ) // hurrah! found BTC :)
    return new Tuple(nonce, randomHash );


    // too much time passed, try luck with next transaction


    The only difficulty here is to rewrite SHA-256 generator into quantum code


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  • Have there been any developments on this? andrew-r

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