Find clique embedding for a given ising/qubo

What is the general procedure to find clique embedding and pass it to DwaveCliqueSampler?



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  • Hello,

    You should be able to pass a BQM to the DWaveCliqueSampler without needing to find an embedding, as the sampler handles this for you.

    If you take a look at the code example on the DWaveCliqueSampler page, there is an example of how to check the size of the largest clique size:

    >>> from dwave.system import DWaveCliqueSampler
    >>> sampler = DWaveCliqueSampler()   
    >>> sampler.largest_clique_size

    This will show you the largest clique size that is supported by the sampler.

    In the example, the BQM is constructed using the dimod ran_r function and just produces a random BQM to illustrate the clique embedding functionality.

    If you are just looking to find the embedding, you can use the find_clique_embedding functions:
    pegasus find_clique_embedding
    chimera find_clique_embedding

    Hopefully this helps you with your development. 
    Please let us know if you have any questions.


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