Sending simple QUBO to Rest API

Dear sirs:

I'm trying to send a very simple QUBO problem to DWave's DW_2000Q_6 using the REST API. I have my SAPI_TOKEN and I can get the list of available machines.

The problem I want to send is a simple proof of concept: the QUBO matrix is 2x2. Its values are: [[123, 720], [720,123]].

I've sent it many times, but I always get some error in the parsing of the problem's data. All the examples about the SAPI are with Ising and, then, I'm not able to guess where I am failing. Could you please help me?





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  • Hi Marcario,
    Thank you for reaching out. Can you please confirm that you are using Ocean SDK? If not, we would highly recommend starting to use Ocean SDK to get the most out of D-Wave's REST API libraries.

    Can you please provide more details on the error message, if possible, the error stack traceback?

    Can you please also provide the steps to reproduce the error, including minimal specific code examples or curl commands to help us narrow down and isolate the step throwing the error? 

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