Getting Dwave 2000q hardware temperature


I am working with Dwave and have been sampling from dwave 2000q annealer for my project. In the figure below, I take 2500 samples from the dwave annealer using a chimera architecture. I keep my couplings and qubit biases the same throughout. I do this sampling 4 times, waiting 1 minute before each iteration. Now, the distributions at time 1,3,4 are pretty much similar. However the distribution at time 2 is shifted to the right. I am guessing the distribution shifted because the actual temperature of the hardware fluctuated. So, my questions are:

1. Why is the distribution at time 2 shifted?

2. Is there a way to obtain the device temperature at which this sampling was done?

Thank you very much!! I am new to Dwave so any help is greatly appreciated!




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