What Is the Standard Annealing Schedule: A(s) and B(s)?

Two energy scales are relevant during quantum annealing, A(s) and B(s):

  • A(s) represents the transverse, or tunneling, energy. 
  • B(s) is the energy applied to the problem Hamiltonian. 
  • s is the ratio between the current time during the anneal and the total annealing time and has a value between 0 and 1.

Energy scales A(s) and B(s) change during the quantum annealing process. In particular, a single, global, time-dependent bias controls the trajectory of A and B. At any intermediate value of s, the ratio A(s)/B(s) is fixed. We can choose the trajectory of one of A or B with time. The standard annealing schedule, s, produces a quadratic growth in B(s). Typical values of A(s) and B(s) are shown in the figure below.



See the D-Wave™ system documentation for more information on quantum annealing.

The annealing schedule for the current QPU is located here.

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