QPU-Specific Physical Properties

The attached documents provide physical properties particular to the QPUs available through Leap. For each QPU, the associated document includes a summary of its physical properties, an image of the working graph, and plotted data showing the anneal schedule details and ICE effects.

Each document gives values for the following QPU properties:

  • Chimera graph size  
  • Number of qubits and couplers in the working graph
  • Qubit temperature (mK)  
  • M_AFM (pH) 
  • Average single qubit thermal width (in Ising units)  
  • Single qubit freezeout (scaled time) 
  • Problem h and J ranges  
  • Annealing time range   
  • Programming time  
  • Default post-programming thermalization time   
  • Post-programming thermalization time range 
  • Readout time  
  • Default post-readout thermalization time  
  • Post-readout thermalization time range  
  • Annealing slope range
  • Maximum slope
  • Maximum number of anneal schedule points
  • Readout error rate

The values provided are the physical properties of a calibrated QPU. They are not QPU specifications.  

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