What Training Is Available?

Quantum Computing Core is a weeklong virtual training class. Students will leave this course with the ability to:

  • Formulate basic real-world problems for the D-Wave quantum computer
  • Understand how D-Wave software tools interact with the hardware
  • Solve problems using quantum, classical, and hybrid solvers

The course runs for one week (5 days) requiring about 3-4 hours per day for each student. The material for the course consists of recorded lectures, quizzes, and assignments, which you can complete on your own schedule. Two instructors will be available to help as needed at almost any time of day. All of the content will be online so students can do the work anytime that week.

There will be live office hours to get assistance from instructors. If you are not available during office hours you will be able to leave questions and get answers. There will also be live guest lectures. The guest lectures are recorded in case you can’t attend the session live.

For more information on content and pricing, contact sales@dwavesys.com.

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