What Types of Hybrid Solvers Are Available?

The hybrid solver service (HSS) in Leap provides access to cloud-based quantum-classical hybrid solvers. These hybrid solvers, which implement state-of-the art classical algorithms together with intelligent allocation of the quantum processing unit (QPU) to parts of the problem where it benefits most, are designed to accommodate even very large problems.

Leap currently has hybrid solvers that accept three problem forms:

  • Binary quadratic model (BQM): Problems have binary valued variables {0,1} or {-1,+1}
  • Discrete quadratic model (DQM):  Problems have variables that represent a set of values such as
    {red, green, blue, yellow} or {3.2, 67}
  • Constrained quadratic model (CQM): Problems with binary, integer, and real (that is, continuous) variables and one or more constraints.

Submit problems to the hybrid solvers via Ocean using the dwave-system tool's LeapHybridBQMSampler,  LeapHybridDQMSampler, or LeapHybridCQMSampler. See the Ocean documentation for more information.


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